Give senior working horses the safe retirment they've earned.

Big Ben Club

Big Ben Club

For ten days, December 3rd through December 13th, we are raising money to provide winter care for Big Ben, and all of his friends, over the coldest ten weeks of the year.

Our Goal is to Raise 10,000 in TEN Days!

This breaks down to 100 donors giving 100 dollars.

Winter care is as expensive as it is crucial.

The horses need extra hay to keep their bodies warm, their water needs to be heated so it doesn’t freeze, paddocks will need to be sanded when icy so horses don’t slip, and we’ll need to address any other comfort and safety measures that pop up. Some will need blankets since they’re too thin to keep themselves warm.

They all enjoy the days when the sun is shining down on them, but when the bitterly cold days come (and they’re coming!), we need to be ready to keep the horses warm and comfortable. 

It’s a tough few weeks, but seeing the horses thrive makes it all worth it.

Will you give $100 to help get the horses through the toughest part of winter?

A big thanks to those who have helped!

  • Nicole S. – New Hampshire
  • Sherry B. – New Hampshire
  • Rebecca R. – New Hampshire


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