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Get To Know Me – Beau


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Get To Know Me – Beau


Beau is our resident supermodel.  He joined us in September of 2015. 

Beau was rescue number 10, he is a Belgian gelding, and is now in his low 20’s.

When he arrived he was barely able to put any weight on his left front leg. He was more sore than thin.  Yes, his body condition needed improvement, but our first step was addressing his pain.


Our veterinarian determined that Beau had chronic arthritis in his front left knee and shoulder.  We trimmed his hooves and improved his angles which gave him some relief in addition to joint supplements and pain medicine.

Beau will never be sound, so we focus on his quality of life.  We constantly monitor his ability to move around, how he does laying down and getting back up, his interaction with the other horses in his herd, his weight, and his overall wellbeing. 

He was handled roughly in his previous life.  He arrived scared and worried.  It has taken a lot of time for him to feel safe.  However, that notion is never taken for granted.  We always approach Beau with respect for his worries and give him all the extra time that he needs for our safety and his peace of mind.



Beau is a beautiful horse.  His coloring, his mane, really everything about him is simply eye catching.  He is a favorite in our calendars and has many followers that recognize him easily and love to follow his updates.

Beau, Big Ben, and Jetstar have been here together the longest, they are all friends and are in the same paddock together.  We have many photos of the three stooges standing together.

Beau will tolerate new horses in the paddock with him when Big Ben and Jetstar are in the barn.  Interestly, he steps up his game of herd dynamics when Big Ben and Jetstar are present again.  

We use a variety of different therapies for Beau’s comfort including joint supplements, Equioxx, Adequan, massage, and acupuncture.  Some days we worry about his pain level, other days he will have a burst of energy and buck with all four feet off the ground.  It’s amazing to watch.

Beau will live out his days of retirement here with us.  He has taught us a lot about respecting fear, body language, lameness, lameness remedies, and the importance of feeling safe.

We are grateful to be able to provide him with a safe home for the rest of his days.


Draft Gratitude is a draft horse rescue in Winchester, New Hampshire. Founded in 2014, we are an all volunteer profit organization.  We focus on giving senior working horses a second chance and a place to call home.


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