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You know that feeling when you just have to get off your feet?

So did Bell, she knew it all too well. When she arrived, she could barely hobble off the trailer. It was awful to watch.

Bell spent her previous life as a working farm horse on the same farm where she was born. She was well mannered, hardworking, and knew the ropes.

But she was also in pain.

She was in pain from many years of hard work, untreated injuries, arthritis, and hoof infection. Her hind end hurt when she tried to rest her front end and her front end hurt when she tried to rest her hind end.

The only place she was comfortable was laying down, off all of her feet.

It just isn’t fair to work as hard as Bell worked, to then not have any relief from the pain cased by that same work.

Thankfully she was where she really needed to be. Here at Draft Gratitue.

Bell came in on a Sunday and was able to be seen by our veterinarian and farrier the very next day. We didn’t waste any time getting her some pain relief and figuring out how to help her.

We first checked out her right hind leg. It appeared that her discomfort was coming from her hoof, and not any joints further up. Her hoof showed an abscess that was most likely caused by a puncture wound. Perhaps she had stepped on a nail or other sharp object.

Next, Dr. Rose McWilliams took X-Ray images of both Bell’s front hooves. Her left was very steep and she struggled putting any weight on it. Her right had a very long toe and was flattened out from all the extra work of supporting both sides.

Thankfully, the images showed that her coffin bones were okay and that there was plenty of toe and heal left to work with for improving her hooves.

Our farrier, Kerry Hanson, created a custom wedged shoe for Bell’s front left hoof. It created an angle that brought nearly instant relief to her. In fact, after essentially being non-weightbearing, Bell was able to stand on her left while Kerry continued her magic on her right hoof.

Bell improved dramatically from that very first appointment. She was able to walk back out to her paddock with soooo much relief.

Fast forward to today, Bell has been adopted. She is in a fantastic home, with a new mom that loves her and takes amazing care of her.

Bell still lies down, but it’s to enjoy sunbathing, not to avoid pain.

With winter right around the corner, our phone will be ringing Please help us say yes to the next one that needs us by making a gift today.

Your gift of $35, $50, $100 or more will provide much needed pain relief, veterinary care, professional farrier care, hay, food, and most of all… a second chance.

Your donation will help us make sure that the horses already in our care (and the ones to come!) all get the treatment, pain relief, and love they need. 

Won’t you help us keep them healthy and on their feet?


Rebecca Roy

P.S. Make your best gift today to ensure we are ready to help the next one that needs us.

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