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Leaving what you've always known, even if it wasn't great, feels scary.

Bill farmed his whole life and spent the last several years on the same farm. The workload had finally caught up to him in the form of severe arthritis in his left hind knee.

We were asked if we could take him once his work was done for the season.

Over the course of a few weeks, while Bill was finishing up his work, we made all the arrangements for him to make his way to us. We lined up transport and had a vet out to complete the required blood test and paperwork for traveling across state lines.

When Bill finally arrived, he was quite thin and had a grossly enlarged knee.

We went right to work getting him settled into his own paddock.  We provided him with hay, fresh water, and a blanket to keep him warm.

You can imagine his surprise, and ours, to hear Jerry whinny from another paddock. Mind you, Jerry has never whinnied to anyone, for any reason, even once, during his four years of being here with us. Not ever.

The first time it happened, I considered it a fluke. The next several times that Jerry and Bill called out to each other prompted me to ask some questions.

We knew Jerry had joined us from the same farm four years earlier. But then we found out that they were indeed together on that farm at the same time. While not a bonded team, they had worked together many days, had lived in the same barn, and had been turned out in the same pasture.

Imagine the relief Bill must have felt to find a familiar friend in the midst of all the changes he was experiencing.

Bill was very anxious to be moved to Jerry’s pasture. Jerry shares a pasture with Big Ben and Jetstar. Jetstar is less than welcoming to new horses moving into that paddock. To be blunt, he is awful to the new guys.

Jerry would put himself between Jetstar and Bill to protect Bill.  He would allow Bill to share piles of hay with him.  He would stand with him while he rested. It was amazing to see.

Jerry’s kindness was remarkable.

An offering of renewed friendship from an old pal. The immediate safety of belonging. The shoulder to lean on. It’s impossible to place a value on the unexpected difference that Jerry made to Bill.

You can make a difference too.

The cost of providing the right grain, plenty of hay, much needed veterinary care, and often drastically needed farrier care comes with a hefty price tag.

Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more provides care to horses like Bill and Jerry while opening the door to helping more horses in need of a soft landing.

These horses have worked long and hard. They have earned a safe retirement and deserve to be comfortable and cared for.

Your gift will make a difference by providing full bellies, comfort, and safety to the working horses that need us most.

Bill & Jerry

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