Donations for Molly

Molly is a kind and well behaved Belgian mare who has spent her life farming.

She has spent years in a harness doing field work from plowing to planting and haying to harvesting. Molly is now 20 years old and her years of work are now taking their toll. Her right eye has a cancerous tumor growing on it. Even though this isn’t a new issue, she hadn’t received the medial care that she needs. Molly had still been able to work. But then she came up sore on her front hooves and once she was unable to work, she was no longer wanted.

Molly stepped onto a strange trailer without any fuss, and headed off to a new, unknown home, leaving her buddies and the life she knew behind. Thankfully, she was on the way to us!

Molly is just one of many senior draft horses that fall into the category of ‘unwanted’ due to their age or medial needs.

We are committed to getting Molly the help that she needs. Molly has put her time in and has earned a safe retirement. She deserves appropriate veterinary care. She deserves to be safe and comfortable.

With your help, we can drastically improve Molly’s quality of life by providing her with surgery to remove the tumor from her eye. Her procedure, including after care, is estimated to cost $3,153.01.

Your Gift of $20, $50, $100 or more will not only be life changing for Molly, but will be lifesaving.

Please give today so that she is able to go for surgery on the 19th.


Until Further notice, Draft Gratitude will no longer be hosting visitors due to COVID-19 health concerns. We will only be allowing essential personal on the farm to care for our rescue horses.

Thank you for understanding.