Give senior working horses the safe retirment they've earned.

Gail S. (New Hampshire)

“My life has been blessed and my monthly giving is my way of passing a small measure of my blessings to a local rescue. Your care and love for these honest horses is priceless. I give monthly because I hope that your life and theirs is made ever so slightly easier and less worrisome for it.
(Also, automatic monthly support is so easy and painless. Honestly, if you don’t give a thought to paying monthly for all those soulless things like cars, insurance, utilities, … how can you possibly mind a small monthly donation for the most beautiful souls behind brown eyes and velvety noses, huh?)”


Draft Horse Inspired Self-Care Tips

Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase energy—and it doesn’t have to feel like more work! Ready for a chance to catch your breath?