Give senior working horses the safe retirment they've earned.

Irene D. (Massachusetts)

“We give monthly because it is easier for our budget with small monthly increments and setting up monthly payments means we don’t forget our commitment to help. The notice I get that a payment has been made also reminds me to check for updates, new visit dates and times, and opportunities to help in other ways. The convenience of getting an annual cumulative receipt for the total amount of donation allows us to have just one receipt for taxes, and to submit for employer match (everyone should check to see if their employer provides a match).  

Draft Gratitude is one of the few charitable organizations that automatically sends receipts without having to request one, which makes things so much easier than tracking down receipts for taxes. Which makes me confident they are running things well.”


Draft Horse Inspired Self-Care Tips

Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase energy—and it doesn’t have to feel like more work! Ready for a chance to catch your breath?