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Draft Horse Love Story – Big Ben & Jetstar

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❤️ Draft Horse Love Story – Big Ben & Jetstar ❤️

Big Ben and Jetstar arrived within about 6 months of each other. Big Ben first, and then Jetstar.

Big Ben was and is the definition of a “gentle giant”. Calm, cool, collected, easy going, kind, willing.

Jetstar was a bit more nervous. He was well trained and very willing to try. He also had some scaredy-cat tendencies.

Putting the two together was perfect. Big Ben had a pal and Jetstar had the security of a confident and calm horse to lean on.

They were instantly BFFs.

They would eat together, drink together, walk together, nap together, you name it, they were together.

Jetstar had a hard time getting his hooves trimmed. We would bring Big Ben in to stand next to him for some emotional support. It really made a difference.

Jetstar would stand over Big Ben when he napped.

The two were best of friends for close to 8 years.

Sadly, Jetstar went to Heaven several months ago now. Big Ben still naps in same spot where they spent so much time together.

I just loved the friendship shared between these two old boys.

Thank you for being part of their safety, comfort, and friendship. It mattered to them.

You changed their lives. ❤️


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