How to Help

Monthly Giving - Care For A Day

The average cost of essential care is $18.11 for one horse, for one day at Draft Gratitude.

Monthly donations have a huge impact on our ability to provide care for the big guys & gals.

Please give it some thought, we would love to have you join the team!

Highest Needs of the Rescued Draft Horses

These funds are used for day to day care.  This includes anything needed to keep the big guys safe and comfortable.

Grain, hay, supplements, de-wormer, routine veterinary care, farrier care, dentistry care, and anything else the draft horses need.

Veterinary Care

Veterinary expenses are our second largest budget item (next in line to hay/grain).

These funds provide resources for solutions to chronic lameness, removing masses, removing cancerous eyes, lacerations and/or emergency situations in addition to any routine veterinary needs.

Save Your Feed Tags!

Several feed companies will donate to Draft Gratitude for every feed tag that we submit. Please send your feed tags to Draft Gratitude – we will do the rest!

Nutrena can be horse, cow, pig, chicken feeds, or even dog food! Please save the sewn tags on the bottom of your feed bag.

Legends, Triple Crown, and Southern States are other brands that will donate to our organization. Their tags are a proof of purchase that need to be cut out of the bag.

Tribute requires the proof of purchase to be cut out of the bag.

Poulin offers a “club card” that is kept at the store where you buy your grain.  Ask the clerk to punch your card for Draft Gratitude!

Turn your tags into a donation by mailing them to us at:

Draft Gratitude
148 Ashuelot Street
Winchester, NH 03470

Thank you!

Wish List:

Poulin E-Tec Fibre-Max
Poulin Forage Extender Mini Bites
(Both Grains are available at Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange and some Agways)

Misc Supplies:

  • “Better Bucket” – 10 quart size
  • Zimectrin Gold Dewormer
  • Quest Dewormer
  • Safeguard Crumbles 1.25 lb bags
  • KER Nano-E Vitamin E Supplement
  • Uckele GUT Supplement

Holiday Lights:  Outdoor Christmas /Holiday lights and decorations to be used for our drive through holiday light display.

Amazon Charity Wish List

Amazon Charity Lists is a meaningful way to shop and donate items directly to Draft Gratitude. Simply search for Draft Gratitude’s Charity List, sign up, add items to your cart and check out—simple! 

Amazon donates .5% of your eligible Charity List purchases to your selected charity, at no extra cost to you!

Donor Advised Funds

Yes, we accept gifts from DAFs! We are happy to do so!

Donations Can Be Mailed To:

Draft Gratitude

148 Ashuelot Street

Winchester, NH 03470

Planned Giving

By making a gift to Draft Gratitude through your will, trust, or other financial plan, you can help make a difference now and well into the future.

To discuss planned giving, please contact us phone or email.  

(603) 762-3266

 [email protected] 

Amazon Smiles will donate to Draft Gratitude every time you make a purchase on Amazon! This costs you nothing and all you have to do is choose Draft Gratitude as your charity!

Keep Up With The Latest!

2023 Draft Gratitude Calendar for Sale

Our 2023 Draft Gratitude are Available!

Draft Gratitude 2023 Calendars are filled with the faces of the horses you have helped save.  Order yours today!


As we welcome volunteers and visitors back to our facility, the health and safety of our community is very important to use.

Please be sure to call or email to schedule a time to visit.

[email protected]