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Get To Know Me – Anne


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Get To Know Me – Anne

Draft Gratitude’s Anne


Anne has been with us since January 2017.  She came directly off a farm in western New York when she became too sore to work.  

She came with her name.  We are always happy to know their name when they arrive, at least that can be one constant thing for them in the midst of so many changes.


Anne was quite thin, very sore on her right front, and also very skittish.  She was scared of a blanket and would get startled easily.


On our vet’s initial visit to meet Anne, we discovered that she was blind in her left eye. Well no wonder she kept getting startled! Everyone that handled her approached her from her left side in a quiet and calm manner as we would with any other new horse.  This probably felt like we were sneaking up on her! 

Her vision was never mentioned when we were asked to take her.  Thankfully our vet noticed her eye almost immediately.  This allowed us to adjust how we approached and handled her, which helped her feel more comfortable. 

Her lameness was due to ringbone arthritis. Through the years, we’ve monitored that joint with x-ray images.  We have kept her as comfortable as possible with various joint supplements, pain medications, and corrective trimming. 


Anne is supposed to be a Belgian, and she certainly might be.  But we can’t help but wonder if she could be a Suffolk Punch.  Her coloring and body confirmation seem almost the picture perfect image of a Suffolk.


Anne has never really bonded with a specific horse. She is content with a group or off by herself.  However, when Jimmy was euthanized, she watched over him along with our veterinarian and me until he had passed.  She then walked backed over to the hay.  I’m always amazed by herd behavior and kindness like that.

Anne loves to be groomed and has excellent ground manners.  We have never tried riding or driving her because of her lameness. 


Anne is enjoying her retirement here with us, safe, and cared for. 

Draft Gratitude is a draft horse rescue located in Winchester, NH.  Founded in 2014, we focus on giving senior working horses a second chance and a place to call home.  Draft Gratitude is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.


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